Hi, I’m Brock and I’m a full-stack software developer.

I write about all things software development

I like to write about any and all things related to software development related. From backend technologies and languages to developing interactive user interfaces to configuring CD/CI pipelines, I love learning and playing with technology! There is so much to learn and explore in software development, and I am grateful to be able to share with you the things I know and have you share in my own journey of learning with me!

Backend Development

For my backend development work, I usually like to work in C#, NodeJS, and Python. You will find posts on here about how to implement a variety of architectural and design patterns. You will also find posts on here of my experiences experimenting with different languages and frameworks. I also enjoy playing with different CMS technologies, such as WordPress.

Frontend Development

React is my bread and butter for the frontend, but you might also find a couple of posts on Angular and Vue on here. Of course, you will run into a few posts on normal Javascript and Typescript as well! I also like writing about how to optimize website SEO, setup and configure SSR, and turn your webpages in PWA’s. Although it isn’t quite my speciality, a few articles on CSS and UX/UI might show up on here.


While DevOps is still a baby in the world of development, but the more I do in it, the more it intrigues me. I like writing about how to do different things in cloud providers like Azure and AWS. I also love playing with CD/CI technologies like Azure DevOps and container technologies like Docker and Kubernetes.

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