Picture of Brock and his fiance

Hello World! I’m Brock Herion! I am a software developer from Chicago, IL. Currently, I am a Computer Science major with a minor in Mathematics. I love all things programming, cloud, and technology-related!


Usually, I develop in C#, Python, and Javascript/Typescript. I am a big fan of .NET Core, Django, and React for building various applications. Every once and a while, I like dabbling in languages such as Go and Scala, just to get a change of pace. I like to just experiment and play around with different languages and frameworks. Usually, my articles on here will be written about C#, Python, Javascript, and various other web technologies that I use on a regular basis. You might also catch a few articles on Docker, DevOps, design patterns, and cloud technologies like AWS and Azure. I enjoy building all kinds of different applications and I love experimenting with different combinations of technology.

Normal Person Stuff

When I’m not writing software, you’ll find me watching T.V. with my fiance, yelling at my cats for knocking things over, cooking, reading, or playing Star Wars: Battlefront 2 with my brothers. My favorite T.V. series is currently Grey’s Anatomy. It’s a great show to just put on and let run while I’m working on school or side projects. I also am currently reading through the Dune series by Frank Herbert. Right now, I am on book 4 and I am loving every page of it. If I’m not reading Dune, I am usually reading books on software development best practices or finances.

I love being able to write about technology and I hope you find something that interests you on this blog. If you like the content on here, like my page on Facebook or drop a follow on Instagram, Medium, or Twitter. If you want to keep up with any changes I make to my projects, be sure to follow me on GitHub and sign up for notifications on the repositories that interest you. And if LinkedIn is more your thing, go ahead and request to connect with me. To send me an email, just head on over to the Contact page and fill out the form!